A K2 group just returned from Ekudzeni. Here’s their video:

Lad met with the local Chief and he offered to double the size of the Care Point land. Also, he offered Lad/us a plot to build a home. Of course, this is Swaziland and stuff can certainly change.

Sally continues to work on a medical ministry where the children of the Care Point will be tested for HIV. If they test positive, the children and their family can then be treated at a Western medical clinic in Manzini. A mission trip to explore this is slated for February.

The Business Leadership Academy (BLA) that was started by Kevin Townsend and Jumbo (from AIM), just graduated its first small class of students. One of our good friends at the CarePoint, Lucky, was one of the graduates and is moving on to work an agricultural business of his own.

We were approached by “Cokes” a young African man who has been studying sports ministry with Adventures in Mission (AIM) for the last six years. He’s ready to launch an inter-Care Point soccer league if he can find the support. We’re considering helping him. Cokes is certified in a Christian soccer mentoring system that teaches young men about living in Christ while they learn to be great soccer players. Since the Care Point is doing so well with the kids, it’s imperative that we start looking to the kids who are aging out, and in many cases turning to bad behavior such as drinking, drugs and sex/rape. Cokes plan looks like a promising beachhead into the teenage boys and girls.

Pastor Saul’s church on the Ekudzeni Care Point is substantially finished and they’re having Sunday services there. The building is fantastic and its impact on the community is wonderful to behold.