A good place to start is to watch this video:

Here are some basic pieces of information:

  1. Safety. Rule of law is strong in Swaziland, so the danger of violence is present, but not overwhelmingly large. Children, especially females, should probably not be allowed to walk the streets after dark or where there is little traffic. Our home should have a wall and a gate. Theft is rampant because the people are simply so poor. So, possessions must be guarded.
  2. Household. We’re thinking about building two small homes on a plot in Ekudzeni. These homes would be FAR from lavish, but they would have basic amenities such as running, hot water, electricity and an internet connection. We’ll need to be careful that the mission homes aren’t the nicest homes in the village. Prior to building, we can either rent space in Ekudzeni or Manzini. For shorter stays, there are a number of surprisingly posh resorts close by.
  3. Medical Care. The medical care in Swaziland is sketchy, but there is decent care nearby in Manzini. Also, Johannesburg is about a 4 hour drive away.
  4. Disease. Besides HIV, there is not an abnormal risk of disease in Swaziland. Of course, a robust course of vaccinations is a must, but there is little risk of typhoid and malaria.
  5. Food. For a country in such distress, Swaziland has a decent set of Western comforts. There is a store within about 30 minutes of Ekudzeni that is indistinguishable from an American store. However, the tendency will probably be to enjoy the local food, which consists largely of pop (corn meal paste) and varying types of stew.
  6. Water. Clean water is not hard to come by and we could sink a good well if we wanted to.
  7. Transportation. We will probably want to purchase at least one Land Cruiser or similar car to serve the mission.

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