So far, we’re talking about a very serious commitment – basically turning our lives over to God’s work in a very tangible way. Maybe we’re all on mission, all of the time. We would cycle to Swaziland for periods of time, maybe 3 months or so. And when we’re home, we would be fully engaged in mission as well. In many cases, we’d be working a primary job, as we normally do, and then working a second job – either in mission or in income-generation.

Picture working your day job, as a businessman or homemaker, then either clocking in at a second job in order to generate income for those in Swaziland, or clocking in on mission here in the States. Of course, when you cycle to Swaziland, you’re full-time on mission, being supported spiritually, and maybe financially, by the group in the States.

Weekly, we might Skype in with our members in Swaziland to catch up on Ekudzeni and the work. Perhaps we’d pray, break bread and spend a time in the Word as well.

Perhaps, the Family For Others group would commit to two or three years and then re-evaluate. Maybe we’d run a year as a “trial period” and then prayerfully re-evaluate.

What’re your thoughts and feelings?